Our Solution

The Problem

The nearly 3 million households that represent the B40 population in Malaysia have limited opportunities for socio-economic progression to middle class society.

Poverty is manifested as a multi-generational issue as the majority of people born into the B40 will remain in the B40 throughout their lifetime, with limited chances to attain any form of significant upward mobility.

Our research on the socio-economic challenges of the B40 in Malaysia shows that a key contributor to the vicious poverty cycle is caused by the inequitable access to the education system.

Our analysis shows that the earlier the education pathway is disrupted, the more difficult it will be for a B40 person to advance to middle class society throughout their work life.

The objective should be to keep children along the education pathway for as long as possible to significantly increase their chances of socio-economic progression throughout their career.

Although university is hereby the highest level of education, it is not a necessity to complete a degree. There are other avenues for someone to build a career and to progress socio-economically, such as through vocational training or self-employment.

B40 Trajectory Overview

Our research highlights the projected pathway of a B40 individual’s end result based on the educational footprint they follow and the challenges they face.

Having access to support at key stages is crucial to enable a B40 child, youth or adult to move out of the cycle of poverty into the Middle Class (M40).

Our in-depth review of the pathway of a B40 individual and their predicted outcome provided three main takeaways:

  1. In order to achieve an outcome that secures quality of life, financial resilience and progression is Middle class, meaning they would have a household income in the RM6,000+ threshold and a reliable social network that would make it harder for them to slip back into poverty;
  2. The main driver for B40 outcomes is that B40 youth fail in secondary school or before completing tertiary education;
  3. In order for young people to qualify for a Middle class income, they must complete a minimum of SPM and a form of vocational training / Apprenticeship / Tertiary and get the necessary support such as our design through Support4U.

Dropout rates of Malaysian B40 students

Major dropoff of 8% from lower to upper secondary school

Our Solution Design

The full solution design focuses on four (4) workstreams to create impact:
A. Training
B. Economic opportunities
C. Access
D. Community engagement

The overarching long term goal is to create systematic change. Thus, we are designing a solution to provide three clear impact outcomes for B40 youth progression.

  1. University
  2. TVET
  3. Self employment or Entrepreneurship
  4. Apprenticeship

Phase 1: Given our existing programmes, expertise and accreditations in providing vocational training for young people, we have begun evolving our SOLS Academy of Innovation into the SOLS Solar Academy and SOLS TVET Academy using both digital and offline delivery methods.

Phase 2: Continue to support the other three pathways with SOLS Skills Hub to showcase it’s long term impact, where we will advocate for it to be implemented on a national scale.

Phase 3: Work backwards into primary and secondary school education to increase rate of progression prior to SPM.

There are more than 17 different skill blocks such as Communication Skills, Digital Career Tools, Job Readiness as well as 60 modules (and counting!) in all three of Our programmes.

What We Do


educational outcomes, employability & entrepreneurship skills.


support systems & opportunities for employment.



Our 3 Programmes

Everyone has different needs and goals, however we all want to achieve happiness and intelligence in as many areas as possible. Our Programmes provide you with the support you need to achieve your full potential.

There are more than 17 different skill blocks such as Communication, Digital Skills, Soft Skills, Job Preparation as well as 60 modules (and counting!) in all three of Our programmes. Select and compare the programme that will give you the greatest benefit: Get started on your education journey today.

Skills Hub

Designed for people who are looking to customise their own programme and study at their own pace. Skills Hub allows you to select specific skills to learn with various options to choose from.

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TVET Academy

Offered to pre, current and post TVET students all over Malaysia. A structured programme that will guide you to thrive in studies, succeed in employment and progress in your career. Includes exclusive modules such as ‘Choosing the Right College’ and ‘Winning a TVET placement’ as well as support for transitioning into work after your on-the-job training.

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Solar Academy

Our most intensive programme, offering a progression of modules focusing on skills growth and non-academic assistance that leads to employment. Includes exclusive modules such as the Solar PV and Maintenance and Securing Employment course.

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Skills HubTVET AcademySolar Academy
Commitment level needed by participant
Access to SOLS Modules
Real-time Teachers (Online)
Communication Skills
Writing Skills
Wellbeing Courses
Customisable Programme
Independent Study
Study at own pace
Contains Exclusive Modules
Pre-Structured Programme
Monitored Skills Progression
Support to transition into full-time work
College Application
Internships / On The Job training
Job Placement
Post Employment Support

Our Roadmap

SOLS Foundation’s vision is to impact 3 billion people living under the relative and absolute poverty line worldwide in the next 20 years and beyond.

The roadmap outlines the organisation’s strategy of scaling the vision through a 5-phase model:

Our Skills Library

To support you in achieving your full potential, SOLS provides holistic skills-based programmes addressing three impact areas: Hard Skills, Life Skills, and Professional Skills. Each impact area comprises specific skill blocks/topics with dozens of tailored modules that contribute to a complete personal and professional development.

Hard Skills

  • English Communication
  • Digital Career Tools
  • Solar PV Installation Training

Life Skills

  • How to Apply for College
  • Self Discovery
  • Study Effectively
  • Communication Skills
  • Future Goals
  • Learning and Developing
  • Handle My Finances
  • My Wellbeing

Professional Skills

  • How to Apply for a Job
  • Job Readiness
  • Transition from Studies to Work
  • How to Be Professional
  • Dealing With Conflict
  • Career Progression

Our Technology

Our overarching goal to create systemic change by scaling the programme to tens of thousands of students yearly is possible thanks to the technology we have built and are continuously improving. This includes a website, web app and an Android app.

This technology enables nationwide (and region-wide) access to live and pre-recorded interactive classes. Our online platform-web app is synchronized to break down content in a tailored fashion for ease of understanding and to ensure mastery of the targeted competencies.

The progressive web app is powered by various technologies working in cohesion for a comprehensive learning experience.